Open-Loop Control System

An open loop system is characterized by the fact that the input signed is processed without being affected by the output.


Oscilloscope is most widely used to display amplitude and period of the signal as well as the shape of the wave


The unit of resistance is ohm.


An ohmmeter is an instrument used to measure the resistance. It is an instrument containing a voltage source and a meter directly calibrated in ohms.

Ohm’s Law

Voltage across a resistor is directly proportional to the current flowing through it

Open Circuit

An open circuit is a break or discontinuity in the current path.

One-line, or single-fine, diagram

 A diagram that shows, by means of single lines and graphic symbols, the course of an electric circuit or system of circuits and the component devices or parts used therein.

Open-circuit Characteristic (OCC)

The saturation curve of a machine an open-circuited armature winding

Open-circuit test

A test in which the machine is run as a generator with its terminals open-circuited


The operating condition of a synchronous machine delivering reactive power

Overcurrent protection

A device used to protect the panel components and process in the event that something causes the motor to draw more current than it was designed.


An instrument used to display the waveform of a circuit.

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