Single-Phase Transformer | Construction | Theory

single phase transformer.

In the same way that single-phase AC and three-phase AC are different, although both are alternating current electricity, single-phase and three-phase transformers cannot be interchanged. Nevertheless, most of what can be said for single-phase transformers is later on extended to three-phase transformers because they work based on the same principle. …

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Resonance in Series and Parallel RLC Circuit

rlc circuit resonance

In any AC circuit consisting of resistors, capacitors, and inductors, either in series or in parallel, a condition can happen in which the reactive power of the capacitors and of the inductors become equal. This condition is called resonance. Simultaneous with the capacitive reactive power and the inductive reactive power being …

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Integrated Circuit (IC) | Construction, History & Types

integrated circuit definition

Definition: An integrated circuit, or IC, is a complete electronic circuit contained in one package, Figure 1. This package often includes transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors along with the connecting wiring and terminals. An IC is also called a chip. The transistor was invented in 1947 by Brattain, Bardeen, and …

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Common Emitter Amplifier: Working & Circuit Diagram

Common Emitter Amplifier

Amplifier Definition: An amplifier is an electronic device that uses a small input signal (voltage or current) to control a larger output signal. This principle works best when the output load, or impedance, of the circuit, is greater than the input load. Examine Figure 1. The input is a microphone …

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NPN Transistor Working Principle


The scientists John Bardeen and Walter Brattain invented the point-contact transistor. It had two wires carefully fused on a crystal of germanium. William Shockley followed these inventions by creating the bipolar, or junction, transistor. These inventions were the beginning of microelectronics. The transistor provided instant circuit operation and eliminated the …

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