Everything You Need to Know About Green Electricity

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Electricity produced from renewable sources such as hydro, solar, and wind is referred to as “green electricity.” While it’s true that all forms of electricity generation affect the environment, green electricity is clean power that has little or no environmental effect and does not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which contribute to global warming. It is more environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels like petroleum, gas, and coal.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Electricity

Green power is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses looking for environmentally friendly energy. As of now, customers can avail themselves of specialized green power options offered by many electric utilities to support renewable energy and conquer dependence on fossil fuels.

Why You Should Avail Green Electricity

There are many advantages to using green electricity at home or your business establishment. We listed the most important ones to encourage you to use green electricity today.

It’s Renewable

Green electricity is derived from renewable resources. Power is generated through the energy sources like wind, sunlight, biomass, and tides. Unlike fossil fuel resources that are both expensive and un-restorable, these energy source alternatives won’t run out.

Also, greenhouse gases and pollutants are generated mainly by fossil fuels. More toxic gases that are produced from the use of fossil fuels can trigger health issues like respiratory illnesses. Green electricity is naturally from the environment, so it’s harmless to people.


Today, at least half of the consumers’ population can buy renewable electricity directly from their power company, and everyone can buy renewable energy certificates. This means that consumers have positively accepted green electricity because of its benefits somehow.

Using green energy will save you money in the long run. Browse Eligo Energy’s green energy options and see what will work well for you. You can save not only on repairs but also on operating costs. You don’t have to spend for refuel if you use equipment that generates electricity from the sources like the sun and the wind.

The energy that is generated naturally is now cheaper than power from new fossil fuels in most parts of the world. It is the most affordable form of energy that consumers can avail of in the market. If you subscribe to green electricity, you’re saving money while saving the world.

It’s Earth-friendly

The renewable energy market has its own set of risks, but it is much better and safer than the fossil fuel industry. Renewables generate more energy than they consume during processing, and at the same time, they emit fewer pollutants over their lifetime than other power sources.

In fact, several countries donate or assist foreign governments in funding and training to make a move toward an eco-friendly world. By investing in sustainable energy resources, we are also protecting the planet where we all live.

Sources of Green Electricity

Read on the common sources of green electricity and learn how each of them works.

Solar Energy

Solar panels, which use the sun to produce electricity, are the most commonly used mechanism of green electricity. A solar panel is a set of solar photovoltaic modules that are electrically connected and installed on a frame.

In industrial and domestic applications, the solar panel can be used as part of a more extensive photovoltaic system to produce and supply electricity. Solar panels may be mounted on the ground or on roofs. There are two critical methods for efficiently capturing solar energy: one absorbs direct sunlight and converts it into energy, and the other uses the sun’s heat as an energy source.

Wind Energy

Over the last two decades, wind turbine technology has advanced dramatically. Turbines are now quieter and more powerful, and wind-generated electricity is now competitive with conventional coal-fired and nuclear power plants in terms of cost.

Wind-rich countries like China, America, and Germany boast construction of windmills on large, open fields. About 90 countries have supported the use of windmills to generate electricity, and more and more countries are joining this latest wave of environmentally friendly technology.

Hydro Energy

In simplest terms, hydroelectric energy, also identified as hydroelectric power or hydroelectricity, is a renewable energy source that generates electricity by capturing the power of moving water, such as in a waterfall.

Water-produced energy can happen in many forms. Wave, tidal, and ocean thermal energy are the other options, but they require large, open areas to reach their full potential.

Tidal power and wave energy are other forms of hydro energy. Tidal power works by trapping tides behind a dam in a reservoir, which can then be released when the tide falls. Meanwhile, wave energy requires a process where the wave travels through a chamber connected to the turbine, causing it to spin and generate electricity.

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is the energy created by living or extinct organisms. Plants, like wheat straws and corn, are the most popular biomass materials used for energy. The energy generated by these organisms is convertible to electricity. It can also be used to produce heat.

Photosynthesis allows the absorption of the sun’s energy and then releases it when it is burned in biomass power plants. This function makes photosynthesis an essential player in the materials used to generate biomass energy.

The downside is, if biomass energy is not properly handled, it can have a detrimental effect on our environment. The amount of water used and the emissions generated by the process can be extremely harmful.

Final Thoughts

Green electricity is safer for the environment, and it caters to the welfare of the residents of the earth. As renewable energy gains popularity in the market, the world is riding the movement towards a sustainable environment for the next generations.

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