Why Propane Generators are better than Gas Generators

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Why is propane used widely?

There is quite a buzz about propane as a fuel to generate electricity. The attention this fuel is getting is justified if you consider the benefits you will get using propane over conventional fuels.

The first thing is that it is clean, really clean, and produces a minimal amount of toxic fumes. This alone makes it the preferred choice of many individuals as the environment and the air around their house will be cleaner.

Moreover, the propane promises power even in extreme temperatures, and it will be easier to start the generator which runs on propane rather than on gasoline. Propane is available in the tanks as a compressed gas.

These tanks have safety valves to prevent the spilling of the fuel, still, if it is spilled, it will be quickly evaporated thanks to its low boiling point, and any accidents will be circumvented.

One more reason why propane is getting popular is its long shelf life, and it can be stored for years without adding any stabilizers. So, when the power outage hits, you will be ready with the generator and propane tank.

With these benefits and easy availability, most people are favoring the use of propane. You can read this blog to understand different generators.

All you need to know about propane generators

Propane generators are great, and if you are searching for one, then the question might arise: how do they work? And why should I have one? Read on to find out.

How does it work? 

All the generators which work on liquid fuels will have more or less the same working mechanism.

A generator has an engine to run the alternator. The electricity is generated in the alternator using electromagnetic induction; from there, it flows to the power outlets through some power conditioning circuits.

The engine can run on gasoline, diesel, or propane. In a propane generator, the propane is used to run the engine. The burning of propane will result in the generation of power.

Although the power is sufficient but it will be less than the gasoline can produce.

Why do you need one? 

A generator is equipment that provides electricity during an electrical grid’s outage. If you want to keep running the appliances of your house, then you will need to have a generator. It will keep running your lights, fridge, and if it is big, then it can even run your central air conditioning unit during summer.

Most people prefer the propane generator to fulfill their camping power needs. If you are frequent in camping, then a propane generator is the best way to go. It will be lightweight and will make very little noise. It can also power appliances in your RV if you camp in one.

Propane generators are also great to have power in emergencies, and they will provide stable power until the power gets restored.

Advantages of propane generators

Propane is a clean fuel, and it doesn’t emit toxic pollutants when it burns. So, propane generators will keep the air around you much cleaner.

Propane generators are available in tanks of different sizes. If you want more runtime, then a bigger tank is also available in the market. If you’re going to store the propane, then a customized tank size can be installed at home.

The large size storage will keep you ready whenever the power outage hits. Even if it stays for more than a few days, you will be able to power your appliances.

Propane has a longer shelf life; that’s why those large tanks work. Propane can be stored without any stabilizers for about 10 to 12 years.

Moreover, gasoline and diesel generators need frequent maintenance as those fuels leave behind deposits in the system. The maintenance needs for propane generators will be much less as there won’t be any deposits.

Gas Vs. Propane Generators

Now, let’s compare the generators which run on gasoline and the ones which run on propane. 

They differ from each other on many fronts, and the first one is fuel availability, especially in 

the emergency as the generator without the fuel is useless.

On regular days the gasoline will be available very quickly, as there are many gas stations. Due to their highly flammable nature, they can’t be stored in large quantities; besides, they go bad in a few months.

In an emergency, all people will be buying the gasoline from the gas stations, and at some point, they will run out of gas. So, it will be hard to get your hand on it.

On the other hand, propane can be stored longer and in large quantities too. So it will be a good option for emergencies.

In gasoline generators, tanks are smaller, and for longer use, it needs to be refueled frequently. 

But due to the availability of propane in different tank sizes, you won’t need to change the tanks that often.

Propane is a clean fuel; it will increase the lifetime of your generator and release fewer toxins. Also, propane generators will be quieter than gasoline ones.

What to look for when choosing any propane generator?


It is really a challenging task to get the best generator from the market, but by considering your needs, you can get the one which is best for you.

Output Power 

This is important, and you should have an idea about how much power you will need. There is no point if you have a generator that can’t supply enough power to your appliances. So, calculate your needs and choose accordingly.

Starting Methods 

Today’s generators come with a much more convenient electric start than the pull starts, and the generator starts roaring with the switch of a button. Pull starts didn’t go extinct, and they are there as a backup.

Also, check if there is a remote start. If it is there, then the generator can be started remotely from anywhere.

Safety Features 

Safety features for a generator to have is a must, and a generator should at least have basic safety features. Check if your generator has overload protection, a low fuel shut-off feature, and few others to ensure safety.


The low weight, provision of wheels, and carrying handle are essential in a generator, and it becomes even more important if you bring it along to the camping site.

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