Why ElectricalAcademia.com?

ElectricalAcademia.com was started to help people throughout the world learn, understand, and refresh their understanding of electrical technology at no cost. This free website contains easy-to-understand explanations of major topics and much more.

Features such as links to definitions, formulas, and animated diagrams enable people to improve and retain their electrical skills without the tuition cost, textbooks, and travel.

About the Author

Mr. Ahmed Faizan, M.Sc. (USA), Research Fellow (USA), a member of IEEE & CIGRE, is a Fulbright Alumnus and earned his Master’s Degree in Electrical and Power Engineering from Kansas State University, USA.

He is very well known for his ability to explain and deliver electrical technology concepts in a very clear, concise, and thorough manner while linking theory with real-world examples to have a comprehensive understanding. His accurate and straightforward explanation methods allow people without any electrical technology background to master the concepts. He is the author of the major instructional content on ElectricalAcademia.com.

Professional Experience

Nowadays, he is working with a leading Electrical Power company where he is responsible for performing advanced studies associated with power system stability and microgrid control, including devising technical strategies for integrating renewable energy sources with existing power infrastructure.

He has gained vast practical, valuable experience while working at 500 kV Power Grid and was responsible for executing and supervising switching operations following standard operating procedures. He has performed extensive power flow, fault, and transient studies and has experience with various commercial software packages such as ETAP, Matlab, Power World Simulator, and much more. 

In addition, he has amplified his knowledge and abilities in the smart power grid while working as an engineering intern with Pacific Gas & Electric, California, USA.

Moreover, he has also got the opportunity to gain professional advanced level training related to power system protection and operation at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Washington, USA, from the world-class instructors in system protection and relaying.

Finally, a rich set of theoretical construct, practical tools, and collaboration employed through his research seamlessly facilitate the development of content in electrical technology.

Ahmed Faizan, M.Sc. (USA)