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DC Machines

Pulse Width Modulated Inverter | PWM Inverter

Sinusoidal pulse-width-modulation

The¬†Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) inverter offers the ability to change both the magnitude of the voltage and the frequency using a fixed DC voltage as the input. This means a diode rectifier can be used as the front end of the drive, which appears as a constant power factor load …

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Current Source Inverter Operation

Both the VVI and PWM are voltage-source inverters; i.e., they provide a voltage to the motor similar to what it would normally receive from the power system, except at variable frequency. Current Source Inverter Working A current- source inverter, on the other hand, acts as a constant current source to …

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Brushless DC Motor Working

A DC machine actually has an AC current in the armature that is rectified by the commutator and brushes. Brushes eventually wear out, requiring maintenance, and they produce carbon dust and possibly arcing while operating. Nevertheless, the characteristics of DC machines are often desirable. With the advances in power electronics, …

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DC Machine Construction and Operation

Figure 1 shows elementary permanent- magnet machine. It is very similar to the AC machine; however, instead of a pair of slip rings to connect to the ends of the coil, there is a single split ring. Each end of the coil is connected to one-half of the ring, and …

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