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Lagging power factor

 An operating power factor condition such that the phasor current lags the phasor voltage.

Leading power factor

 An operating power factor condition such that the phasor current leads the phasor voltage.

Linear electromagnetic system

An electromagnetic system whose flux linkages are expressed as linear combinations of the currents in. terms of the self-inductance of each winding and mutual inductances between the windings.

Load curve

A curve of power versus time showing the value of a specific load for each unit of the period covered.


A loop is a path that starts and ends on the same node with all other nodes in the loop touched only once.


The load in a circuit is the device where the power or energy is consumed.

Low-Pass Filter

A filter network that passes all frequencies below a specified frequency with little or no attenuation but discriminates against all higher frequencies.


The system is linear if it is both additive and homogeneous.

Leakage Flux

Flux lines, originated by the primary winding, that fail to link the turns of the secondary winding.

Linear Resistance

A linear resistance has a resistance that is constant with relation to current and voltage.

Lenz’s Law

It states that the induced emf in an inductor always opposes the current change that produced it.

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