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RC Circuit Analysis using Matlab

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Determine the voltage across the capacitor:

RC Circuit

Let us compute the voltage across the capacitor for t≥0 using the following expression:

${{v}_{C}}(t)={{V}_{c0}}{{e}^{-t/\tau }}u(t)$

Whereas the capacitor initial voltage is 5V and time constant τ=RC=0.2s.

It’s time to write some code in Matlab to calculate the capacitor voltage:

Matlab Code for RC Circuit

%RC Circuit Analysis
clear all;close all;clc
%%Circuit Parameters
R= 2e3; % Resistance (2kOhm)
C= 100e-6; % Capacitance (100microFarad)
tau=R*C; % Circuit Time Constant 
Vco=5; % Capacitor initial Voltage at t=0
Time=0:tau/100:5*tau; % Sampling Time
%%Plotting the Result
xlabel('Time (s)')
ylabel('Amplitude (V)')
axis([0 5*tau 0 6]) % Manual Axis Limits adjustment 


Capacitor Discharging Voltage

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