Equivalent Resistance Calculation in a Complex Circuit Using Matlab

Determine the equivalent resistance of the circuit between points A and B.

As we can see from above circuit that R1+R2 is connected in parallel fashion with R5 as well as with R3+R4.

So, let’s write a code in Matlab in order to calculate an equivalent resistance across terminals A and B.

Matlab Code for Equivalent Resistance Calcualtion

%Equivalent Resistance Calculation
clear all;close all;clc
%%Resistance Values from the Circuit
R1= 80;R2= 70;R3= 60; R4= 90;R5= 100;
%%Equivalent Resistance Calculation
Rx= parallel( R1+R2 , R5); % As mentioned, R1+R2 is in parallel fashion with R5
Req= parallel( R3+R4 , Rx) %Similarly, the above combination is in parallel fashion with R3+r4

Function parallel.m

%function to compute parallel resistances
function Req=parallel(R1,R2)


Req =


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