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Ideal transformer

A transformer characterized by no winding resistance, no leakage flux, and a lossless and infinitely permeable magnetic core.

Identity, or unit, matrix

A diagonal matrix whose elements in the principal diagonal are all equal to unity and all elements not in the principal diagonal are equal to zero.

Induction machine

An asynchronous AC machine that comprises a magnetic circuit interlinked with two electric circuits, rotating with respect to each other, and in which power is transferred from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction.

Imperial Units

 These are the measurement units used in the United States. Typical units are feet, inches, pounds, and horsepower.

Ideal voltage source

 An active element (two terminal) which maintains specified voltage and is independent of rest of the circuit elements, with zero internal resistance.


Materials that have no free electrons and thus prevent the passage of electric current.

Ideal current source

 An active element (two terminal) which keeps the value of the current constant in spite of voltage across the terminals, with infinite internal resistance.


Impedance is the combined resistance in the flow of current because of resistive and reactive elements in the circuit.


Inductance is the property of an element to store energy in a magnetic field.

Inductive Reactance

Opposition to the flow of an alternating current by the inductance of a circuit; equal to 2πfL and measured in ohms.

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