In a parallel circuit, each current path is a Branch.

Band-Pass Filter

A resonant circuit that is tuned to pass a single band of frequencies and to attenuate all other signals.

Band-Rejection Filter

A network that attenuates a single band of frequencies and allows those on either side to pass; sometimes called band-stop filter.

Balanced System

A set of phasor currents (or phasor voltages) that have equal magnitudes and are separated from each other by equal phase angles.

Blocked-rotor test

A test applied to an induction motor, in which the rotor is blocked so it cannot rotate.

Bundled conductors

An assembly of two or more than two conductors utilized as a single conductor ONLY and applying spacers in order to sustain a preset configuration.


A solid conductor, or metallic strip, that serves as a common connection for two or more circuits. Generally, currents from incoming feeders accumulate on it and then further distribute to the outgoing feeders.

Bus admittance matrix

 A matrix whose elements have the dimension of admittance and, when multiplied by the vector of bus voltages, gives the vector of bus currents.


A voltage source that uses chemical energy to create electrical energy.

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