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Here, you will find different articles about motor control and switches that are used in different applications.

Solid State Timer | Solid State Relay Timer

Solid State Timer Solid State Timers come in many shapes and sizes. The most common timers used in industry: ON delay solid-state timers and the OFF delay solid-state timers. ON Delay Timer Connection The on delay solid-state timer relay is a two-piece device in which one part of the device …

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Time Delay Relay | ON Delay Timer | OFF Delay Timer

Time Delay Relay Some or all industrial control systems need timing operations. Timing devices are used to cut on or off pilot devices at a preset time. Time delay relays and solid-state timers similar and are used to provide the desired delay and timing functions. Timers are constructed with dials, …

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Logic Functions PLC Motor Control

Control devices like push buttons, limit switches, and pressure switches are connected into a circuit to attain a logical function in a predetermined manner. All control circuits are basic logic functions or combinations of logic functions. Logic functions are common to all areas of industry. The subjects that utilize the …

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