RLC Series Circuit Problems with Solutions

RLC Electrical Network

These questions are related to RL Series Circuit, RC Series Circuit, and RLC Series Circuit. These topics are covered in detail here: RL Series Circuit RC Series Circuit RLC Series Circuit Impedance in an AC Circuit 1. Define a series RL circuit: The combination of a resistor and inductor connected …

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Lead Acid Battery: Construction, Working, Charging

Lead Acid Battery

Lead-Acid Battery Construction The lead-acid battery is the most commonly used type of storage battery and is well-known for its application in automobiles. The battery is made up of several cells, each of which consists of lead plates immersed in an electrolyte of dilute sulfuric acid. The voltage per cell …

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Transformer Losses and Efficiency Calculation

Complete Equivalent Circuit

Transformer Efficiency Definition The efficiency of the transformer is defined as the ratio of the power output Poutput and power input Pinput, both expressed in watts. Thus, \[\begin{matrix}   \eta =\frac{{{P}_{out}}}{{{P}_{in}}} & {} & \left( 1 \right)  \\\end{matrix}\] Or since the input is the output plus losses, \[\begin{matrix}   \begin{align}  & \eta …

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Series Parallel Circuit | Series Parallel Circuit Examples

Figure 4 Current and Voltage in Series-Parallel Circuit

Series-Parallel Circuit Definition Not all circuits are simple series or parallel arrangements. Many are combinations of parallel resistors connected in series with other resistors or combined with other parallel groups. These can be described as a series-parallel circuit. The simplest approach to analyzing a series-parallel circuit is to resolve each …

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Voltaic Cell Equivalent Circuit | Voltaic Cell Example

equivalent circuit of cell 2

Primary and Secondary Cells The simple voltaic cell is classified as a primary cell. Primary cells can supply current until the negative electrode is completely dissolved, the electrolyte is exhausted, or perhaps until polarization renders the cell useless. A secondary cell, on the other hand, can be recharged. That is, …

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Voltaic Cell | Working and Construction of Voltaic Cell

Electrolyte Chemical Action

Voltaic Cell Definition A voltaic cell consists basically of two different metal plates immersed in an acid solution. The action of the acid removes electrons from one plate and accumulates them on the other plate. In this way, a potential difference is produced between the two plates, and a current …

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Transformer Working Principle | How Transformer Works

A transformer circuit

Transformer Definition A device consisting of two or more windings coupled by a magnetic core that is used to transform a balanced set of three-phase voltages from one voltage level to another without changing the frequency. The transformer is an essential element of an electrical power system. It is among …

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Transformer Questions and Answers

power supply inductor

Transformers Questions and Answers for Interview These questions are related to the following topics: Transformer Working Principle Voltage Regulation of Transformer Efficiency and Losses in Transformer 1. What are the following relationships in an ideal transformer? a. Turns ratio and voltage ratio? The turn’s ratio is the same as the …

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RLC Parallel Circuit Problems with Solutions

Parallel RLC Circuit Example Problems with Solutions These questions are related to Parallel RLC Circuit which is covered in detail here: Parallel RLC Circuit 1. What are the three characteristics of the voltage across each branch of a parallel RL circuit? The voltage across each of the branches is the same …

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Relay Questions and Answers

Electrical Relay Questions These questions are related to Solid State Relay Timers, ON and OFF Delay Timers, Magnetic Motor Contactors and Starters which are covered in detail here: ON Delay Timer and OFF Delay Timer Solid State Timers Motor Contactors and Starters Electromagnetic relays operate in which way? An electromechanical …

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